At The Beginning, Brushing Copy Is The Best Way



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    At The Beginning, Brushing Copy Is The Best Way

    Post  MJsusan on Wed Jul 13, 2011 9:19 pm

    The difference between the CTM’s copy system and WLK’s is that he must go to the door of copy and the he can open it in CTM ( note: in 4.1, the limitation has been canceled)
    One of the copies is in Blackrock Mountain named Blackrock Caverns. And the other is in the seabed, whoes copy and WOW Gold I will not recommend. So in order to get the rewards from random copy , I advice you only to open the door of Blackrock Mountain at the beginning and then arrange random copy. In this you, I am sure it is Blackrock Carverns.
    There are five booses in blackrock Carvens
    The first one will use chains to fix all of the people and then AEO kill them quackly. So what should you do? You can break the chains and run away
    The second will shelter from light. What should you do? You can avido in front of debuff100. when debuff disappear, it will continue to sheleter.
    As for the thrid, you should take it into furnace and take out. In this way, his armor will Buy WOW Gold and be cleared and you can hit him effectively.
    As for the forth, it is really so easy. You can understand
    As for the fifth, you should take off the MI separately. Or tanks can not brush its HP
    It is necessary for you to brush the copy again and again to 82, and you can go to Deepholm
    At the beginning, I recommend to brush the copy, but in the later stage, I do not recommend, but take tast. Because most of the copies are more difficult. In other words, it is ok to use 277 equipment roll blackrock. However, for the copies in or above 82, such as the heart of The Stonecore, it is really ineffecitive.
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