Some Simple World Of Warcraft Experiece Of Shaman



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    Some Simple World Of Warcraft Experiece Of Shaman

    Post  MJsusan on Wed Jul 13, 2011 9:20 pm

    At the begining, I want to talk about my CTM experience. I gave up my Chinese mainland server account whe Taiwan server open CTM with Cheap WOW Gold. And then I tried my best to play CTM. Until Chinese mainland opened 3.35 and the need of association, I came back. During this period, I experienced 12 Ptboss raid.
    Now let us get to the point.
    Today, I want to talk about the shaman change of influence caused by CTM new editon.
    First, all of the kua armour is useless. Because the body is covered by Lock armour and, 5% intelligence/agility will be rewarded.If the intelligence is up to 4.0, it equals to FS. Therefore, if you want to match several clothes, it is absolutly not worthwhile.
    Second, all of five rounds are changed into spirit, which can be recasted. As for talent, spirit means hit. So nowadays, when the milk of ICC is up to 4.0, all of them are element equipment and World Of Warcraft Gold
    Third, With the promotion of level, you will find you strongly need hit. Then you have to sacrifice other attributes and recast to solve the problem. It sames the common failing of most DPS
    Surely, there are some other changes of other carrer, new talent, new skill and so on. All of these need yourself to experience.

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