As for level up, I recommend to brush a copy and finish task



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    As for level up, I recommend to brush a copy and finish task

    Post  MJsusan on Wed Jul 13, 2011 9:21 pm

    As for level up, I recommend brush a copy and finish task
    For task, CTM task is really so terrible, because it needs a large number of stories and WOW Gold. If you interupt the them, bug will appear. Meanwhile you can not find the next task. So sometimes, it is less effective than brushing a copy. However, on the other hand, task will take reputation and income, which you can not give up.
    80-81, there are two maps, seamount and seabed
    If you are new, I will not recommend seabed. Even there are plug-in units, but you do not play in Taiwan server, you will be confused. The maps are stereoscopic. Sometimes, even the exclamation mark is in front of you, you still can not find it. So the effective is really so low. In the later stage, even I small account to finish the task in seabed and get Cheap WOW Gold from association, I can not get one million experience.
    In seamount, there are huge crowds of people. Here, if you want to finish the task, you have to kill monsters without mirror. In other words, you have to snatch monster with so many people. It is really so terribel.
    Therefore, 80-62, you had better choose copy. It is absolutly impossible that CTM depends on brushing WLK copy to level.Because the experience has been compressed to 10%. The only way is to brush these copies.

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