Excellent Guide And Details For You To Finish Rift



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    Excellent Guide And Details For You To Finish Rift

    Post  MJsusan on Mon Aug 08, 2011 7:34 pm

    In rift, the first three stage, it is not difficult. I want to sharing experience with you. Whenever players enter the game, they will choose RIFT Platinum and Axis Sniper. The first who enter the game should hit the oil drum. Because you need not to bursh oil drum monster after game begins. Tip: do not forget to change the arms.
    Now I want to tell you the detail about how to cleareance: when you enter the game, players should move to the boats fast in V team.the first who are in boat should play the game. And the other kill the monster and shelter the first. After the boat start, players should explode the oil drum and kill the monster. The boat will pass two bridges. Players shuold explode the oil drum in first bridge and brush four oil drum monsters in the next bridge. When you hit them, you should Buy rift Platinum and try your best to hit the head of monsters and oil drum. When UFO appears, the team style should be 2V2. two of them should kill UFO emitter. The other two should kill monster(when hitting UFO, you should hit the red part). When the boat pulls in to shore, oil drums should be killed to enter the next stage.
    When you enter the second stage with Cheap rift Platinum, you should clear the monster in street and enter the second rolling stone passage. Then you should run fast. Depending on the suitation, you decide if you should enter the hidden point.When you kill the gatekeeper monsters and enter the second rolling stone passage, you should notice: if you are experienced, you can pass two hidden points; or you should be cool and pass them one by one.

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