Alternate Between Chain Heals And Single Target Heals As Appropriate



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    Alternate Between Chain Heals And Single Target Heals As Appropriate

    Post  MJsusan on Mon Aug 08, 2011 7:35 pm

    Who is the most cool game designer in world of warcraft? Many players know that a mysterious guest from Blizzard headquarter will come to this ChinaJoy and interact. I wonder know if every smart player know who is it? Yes, you are right. He is crabe—Greg Street, the Marine Biologist and chief system designer. Do you want to know more detail? Please pay attention our web.
    Come to our topic. If you have WOW GOLD and beaten the four stooges that bar your path from the dream of every optometrist, you should honestly have little in the way of trouble with this boss. The fight itself is divided into two phases, and introduces a corruption bar very similar to the sound bar in the Atramedes fight. For each point of Corruption a players has, they will suffer 3% additional damage from Chogalls Corruption of the Old God ability. Phase one lasts until he reaches 25% health, and this phase is all about handling adds, Buy Wow Gold and add damage.
    Keep Healing Rain down, and roll Riptides as you can. Keep Earth Shield on whichever tank is handling Chogall at the time. Alternate between Chain Heals and single target heals as appropriate when people are spread out or bunched up. There are a couple things to watch out for, such as when Chogall casts Fester Blood. When you see this go off, expect many little oozes to come running towards you and other members of the raid. Stay away from them as range handles them. My suggestion is to throw down Cheap wow gold to help slow them down. The other thing to watch for is Conversion, where several players will get mind controlled.

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