How to choose major in world of warcraft



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    How to choose major in world of warcraft

    Post  MJsusan on Mon Aug 08, 2011 7:35 pm

    As for major choice, I advise more practical project + diamond + WOW GOLD. Because it has parachute cape with one- minute cd, rocket shoes with 3 minutes cd and manual control glove with 1 minute cd. Diamond has 81 points quick profit which is higher than other and wider choice range in later period.
    Tthe adventage of hurt talent is easy to Buy Wow Gold and use. Meanwhile, because it export more posion, even its equipment is not good, the showing is good. And no matter long or short time, hurt aoe export is very stable.
    under hurt talent tree, the total movable points is three. It is more convinent for 15% move speed to run. And the last one normally is to choose death prescription
    you must pay more attention to special boss. Death prescription with deceleration effect may bring passive infulence, such as heroic Maloriak. It deceleration black soft may influence team run position and export. However, for heroic Nefarian. It is better not to depend on death prescription to provide Cheap wow gold. Because that damage rouge takes the posion export make it more possible to teammate hurt. If your early equipment is not good, you can choose to sacrifice one point Crawling. In later period, you can choose full Crawling.

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