The Perfect Introduction Of Death System and Task System In Rift



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    The Perfect Introduction Of Death System and Task System In Rift

    Post  MJsusan on Fri Aug 26, 2011 8:33 pm

    Death system: When tasks die, there are two resurrection patterns with Cheap rift Platinum for you to choose. First, it is Soul walk pattern, which is the direct one. In this pattern, any person and any monster can not see you in ten seconds. But the cool time lasts just 1 hour. Second, it is releasing soul to cemetery and returning to pick up body. If you revive in cometery, there are several faible minutes. And all people property is low.
    Task system: In rift, its task system is the same with world of warcraft. there are two opposite camps to Buy rift Platinum. Each has dependent cities and level map in rift.
    1. new task
    2. doing task
    3. finished task
    4. daily task
    5. task needs and NPC rift system
    Rift happens where crack appears. It can be opened naturally or by players
    It become a PQ area (public task) after opeining. There are the following parts: life, death, fire, water, wind (air) and earth. PQ has been devided into several phases, then you will get some reward, which is the same with warhammer OL. When you finish the task, according to the contribution of PQ attenders and RIFT Platinum, reward will be given.
    How to point? According to the the points in every phase, there are gold, silver and copper medal. Depending on the total point, the rank occurs.
    How can you get points? There are some methods for you.
    1. making hurt; 2. hurted; 3. therapy.
    When it is finshed, you can get disposable deployment tools, professional material and some chore.

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