Tanking System Has Long Been Somewhat Problematic



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    Tanking System Has Long Been Somewhat Problematic

    Post  MJsusan on Thu Sep 15, 2011 8:35 pm

    Recently, many enterprises were attacked by hack. And how about world of warcraft? Tom. Qill, the main designer of this game told us that the world of warcraft with Cheap wow gold sever also hacked. However, so lucky it is. The outstanding safe measure of Blizzard make it avoid it successfully.
    In world of warcraft, the tanking system has long been somewhat problematic. Although it scales to some degree, from 5-man dungeons to 10-man raids, the scaling falls apart when we get to 25-man raiding, which currently demands about the same amount of tanking as 10-man. You can get through most of Firelands with two tanks, no matter your raid size. Majordomo Staghelm only requires one tank, again, no matter your raid size. This means that the scaling from five to 10 works, but as soon as you go from 10 to 25, instead of needing 2.5 times more tanks, you need no more tanks.
    The other problem is simply that there already aren't enough tanks for every 5-man group. When the Call to Arms feature was announced for the Dungeon Finder tool, it was created out of the simple fact that we're not seeing the distribution we'd expect in the playerbase. In order for the Dungeon Finder to Buy Wow Gold and work without significant group queues, we would need 20% of the people queuing up to be tanks (1 in 5 = 20%). This is not the case.

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