Perspective Of Overall Situation In World Of Warcraft Is Needed



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    Perspective Of Overall Situation In World Of Warcraft Is Needed

    Post  MJsusan on Fri Aug 26, 2011 8:32 pm

    I believe many world of warcraft players know the game dota. In this game, there is such hero—devil wizard lion with WOW GOLD. As far as I know, it has two powerful active control. Impale 4 level 2 second vertigo and becoming 4 level 3.75 second control and intelligence growth (in middle period, it shows in aggressivity) and explosive move. Anyway, what is the perfectest one shot pace afer lion owns jump knif? The whole continuous move: finding target and jump knif, becoming sheep and hit target by right button, getting impale after the third common attact, twice common attact and one great move. Even in the latter period, such combo can Buy Wow Gold and kill most of blood for many heroes. Then what is the meaning for the example?
    It is also the souce of confidence that I want to emphasis:: If you know yourself and your enemy, you will become so confident.
    How to be confident? First: it is your understanding for different war. In other words, you should know what skill boss will use clearly and if you need to open feint for preventing hurt; second, you should know what is your target and how you can effectivly move to decrease the loos of dps; third, whether my following route with Cheap wow gold will influence others and be influenced, so that it will cause some unfavorable factors; forth, if it needs to or how you can make up for your teammate standby position after your teammate accidentally died; last but not the least, whether it is possible for me to less teammates pressure actively to imporve team detectability, which is also the obvious problem after cataclysm.
    Or the above can be included as perspective of overall situation

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